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Black alternative dating sites

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According to celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, warm shades such as this are not only flattering in their appeal, but are also ideal for helping women look younger.

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Dirty blonde is flattering on medium to light skin tones with the mix of dark and light throughout the hair.The color you choose will depend on the look you want, how healthy your hair is, and whether you want a DIY option or are willing to go to a salon for a major change.Popular choices range from bold, trendy colors to subtle highlights and include the following looks.Since African American hair is often naturally dry, it is important to understand some fundamental rules about the hair coloring process.This can help prevent hair damage and result in the color of your dreams.A hint or purple can add an edgy twist to the look.

Whether it's in braids like Keke Palmer has been seen sporting, a natural look, or a straight style, red is a great choice that complements many skin tones.

Beyonce has been sporting light colored locks for years, coloring her hair different shades of blonde and light brown and setting a trend for African American women to try blonde hues on their own hair.

Tyra Banks is another style icon who has set trends with her hair color, experimenting with numerous shades of blonde, brown and red to her always-changing hair style.

Caramel highlights are a popular look with chocolate brown hair that creates a beautiful contrast.

Platinum blonde is a trendy color option for those with short or pixie hairstyles.

Encouraged by trends over the years, hair color for black women has progressed to become a form of self-expression as well as a beauty ritual.