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The experts suggest to do the best risk assessments, get explicit approval to process privacy information, make sure that processing agreements with third parties are secure and involve the Board of directors to get things done. One should also understand the role of cyber drivers, that is being aware of all sensitive data and ensuring a constant monitoring, to know what is happening on the company’s system.

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Another example might be where the attacker may make emails appear to come from someone the target knows, a source they would trust or which contain information relevant to the target’s professional role. explains Graham Croock, director of IT Audit, Risk & Cyber Lab at BDO South Africa.Leo Lee, ACCA Deputy President, who is currently in Mauritius, is of view that the profession will continue to be in demand, despite technological disruption.It will be up to accountants to change and add value for their employers and clients.At the same time, Businessweek partnered with Info Pro Management, a publishing and market research company based in Beirut, Lebanon, to produce the Arabic version of the magazine in 22 Arab countries.In 2011, Bloomberg Businessweek continued the magazine's international expansion and announced plans to introduce a Polish-language edition called Bloomberg Businessweek Polska, as well as a Chinese edition which was relaunched in November 2011.You can have the best firewall, and it takes only one employee to click on something he should not, and your company is hacked.

For Rudi Dicks, Graham Croock and David Cohen, three experts from BDO South Africa, it all comes down to training and creating awareness because companies will never be cyber secure, but cyber ready H. It must have been spread largely by human hands”, says Rudi Dicks, Cyber Security Expert at BDO South Africa, during the BDO Cyber Security Seminar held on Wednesday at Voilà Bagatelle. It relies on the user’s carelessness, lack of awareness or sometimes their human kindness to get the information that helps hackers sneak in a company’s system or physical location.

Some of the other key lessons learnt during the seminar are: • In the Wanna Cry attack, companies received messages saying that their warns Rudi Dicks.

• Five or ten years ago, no one focused on cyber risk.

All professional accountants will be expected to look beyond the numbers.

They will also be expected to make professional judgments.

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