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Situation Analysis Marketing/Industry Analysis Inclusive and diversity training can be a hard industry to break into.

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Thestrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats about Inclusion INC will be evaluated when Cutting Edge Consulting’s goals and objectives are achieved.This gives Inclusion INC more opportunity to expand in the inclusion and diversity indus-try.Because Inclusion INC is flexible with regard to their budget allocation, Cutting Edge Consulting createdthree calendars and possible budgets to implement in their campaign.The setbacks are that someof these companies do not feel they have a pressing need to seek out this typeof training and it is hard to break into the spotlight as a new business.The ROIis also very difficult to measure for this type of training.Benefits to this typeof training would be to give the company a greater competitive edge.

It allowsthem to have higher collaboration with all employees which can lead to newinnovative ideas for the company.

So, if you can get people moreengaged by being more inclusive,getting people to be moreinnovative and to actually produce at a higher level because you’re an inclusive leader,then that’s something everybody wants.” –Manny Fernandez, Fed Ex Office“Our industry is transitioning from brick-mortar to multi-channels, includinge-commerce.

The changes in the last 5 years in retail were greater than over thepast 50 years.

Cutting Edge Consulting’s creative executionsaim to reflect a professional atmosphere while engaging its audience to learn more about Inclusion INC’sbook and services.

Creative executions include direct mail, Linked In advertisements, Twitter posts, SEO,expositions, and conferences.

That pace won’t slow down moving forward.” –Donald Fan, Wal-Mart“It’s important to have inclusive teams in the home office, but if you’re really goingto be successful, you have to have that message travel all the way down to where therubber meets the road.” –Jorge Quezada, Kraft“If our CEO and senior leadership team didn’t buy into this, it wouldn’t work.