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Bhadang online dating

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Do you not realise that legends tend to change over the millennia?

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Kindly do not remove the tags until the Administrator has time to check it all out. Particular attention must be focused on Wikipedia talk page unacceptable behaviour.Mr John hill do not remove Jats in Shahnama section. Burdak - do not reverse my edits until you answer the questions I have posed above.I can only hope it happens soon - this ugly nonsense has gone on for far too long.John Hill , 7 July 2007 (UTC) Mr John Hill, You are bent upon to prove your own POV without waiting for the administrator to come and do the necessary edits.You have not answered my questions and you are not an authority on the Jats. It amounts to vandalism removing content without verifying from referenced book. Administrator Utcursh has given note that he will moderate this article. Prove your worth by positive contribution to this article. I have given a properly referenced standard recent translation of the passage there which is obviously very different from the aberrant and incorrect translation you gave.

There is no mention of Jats in the Shahnama at all - either in the Persian original or in standard English translations.

If you have any integrity at all you will make a public apology to me (and to PHG) on this page for your totally unwarranted personal insults.

However, as I seriously doubt that you have the insight or moral character to apologise or even admit you might be mistaken at times (though I would be very happy to be proved wrong here), we will probably have to wait for the Administrators to sort all this out.

I am sorry, but truly, it seems impossible to get through to you the differences between facts and bias, hypotheses and theories, and total speculation.

We are trying to write an encyclopedia article here - not another epic romance.

John Hill , 5 July 2007 (UTC) Congratulations to John for the quality and coolness of his argument. If Mr John Hill does not find on internet, it is not evidence that it does not exist. It appears that any reference to a Muslim writer, be it Albiruni or Dr S. Yunus Jaffery, irritates Mr John Hill and he refuses to accept.