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If the women backed off or said no or told him to stop, then he continued the behavior, then it’s harassment and inappropriate. If you hug someone and get too close like you’re swooping in for a kiss and it’s creepy, then you’ll know. You have to give the friendly hug with your face to the side and not rub your groin on people. How does someone in the public spotlight think they’ll be able to have an affair and not get caught?I’m not sure what kind of hug this man was giving, but if the women were outspoken and told him to stop, and he didn’t – then he should have certainly apologized. If you’re an unknown bus driver hooking up with a married mechanic at work, then people probably won’t know and there’s nothing the other person can hold against you.

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I thought mainstream news outlets like CNN were supposed to focus on facts and fairness? We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior.(11/20/2017) The Los Angeles Times reported that California Democratic Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra said he would suspend his campaign and not seek re-election in the face that a story would be dropping about six women accusing him of sexual harassment. (11/13/2017) According to the Washington Free Beacon, Alcon was arrested after sending a woman persistent messages, including of his genitals, telling her he loved her and suggesting he was watching her. (11/10/2017) CBS Denver reports that the 10 women include a legislative aide who harassed her at a bar. 1 woman is a lot, but when 10 say it, then you have to wonder. Colorado Democratic House Speaker Crisanta Duran accused of ‘covering up’ sexual allegations against Democrat Steve Lebsock. Sexual harassment controversy threatens to ensnare California Democratic Senate leader Kevin de León. Calvin Smyre accused of sexual misconduct by Jehmu Greene.Hasn’t anyone learned from Anthony Weiner that we don’t send private pics anymore? (11/14/2017) According to The Denver Post: Colorado’s top Democratic lawmaker is under fire for how she handled a colleague’s sexual harassment complaint against a member of their party and now faces calls for an independent investigation. Minnesota Democratic lawmaker Dan Schoen resigns over sexual harassment allegations. (11/11/2017) The Mercury News reported that there are questions about whether Kevin de León may have helped to try to cover-up complaints against Sen. If Tony’s act requires a cover-up, then it probably wasn’t a very nice gesture or behavior towards women. Democrat Randor commissioners president Philip Ahr charged with multiple counts of child pornography. Woman claims New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo ignored her pleas to investigate one of his staffers who was allegedly sexually harassing her. (11/13/2017) According to The Ledger-Enquirer, Fox News contributor and former candidate for DNC head Jehmu Greene alleged that Rep.The list of Hollywood accusations runs almost as long as the credits at the end of any movie, but here’s a list of 24 Democrats involved in sexually related scandals and I’m not so sure CNN is doing their part to inform the public.It’s a true shame that major mainstream news sources have gone full partisan because now the public lacks true news and honest reporting. Items in bold are quoted from American News Hub who did an excellent job compiling this list. Four new women accuse Bill Clinton of sexual assault. Congresswoman accuses Democrat former Congressman Bob Filner of sexually assaulting her.If you thought there was a lot of groping going on in Hollywood, then you haven’t seen anything yet.

There’s a list of 24 sex scandals perpetrated by Democrats and it seems like CNN isn’t doing their best journalistic work to cover them all equally.

Men who brag about their sexual conquests don’t actually have any sexual conquests.

Men who have real sexual conquests don’t have to brag about it – the women do it for us.

If she said no to his advance for a date, then calling her names surely won’t get the date. (07/18/2017) KTNV reports that complaints were brought against State Sen.

In either case, this guy was probably being a massive perpetual jerk, but I can’t call it sexual harassment. Mark Manendo, D-Las Vegas, in April and that after an investigation ordered by the Senate Majority Leader, Manendo has resigned. Oklahoma Democratic lawmaker Will Fourkiller accused of sexual harassment.

Did CNN run this, or did they ignore it like many of the other stories? Former Washington Democratic lawmaker Brendan Williams accused of sexual harassment. I know people have very weird fetishes, but what the heck is this? But if you’re in the government and the public eye, then you need to be on best behavior.