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Other main sources of Lecithin are from soya bean oil and is likely to be genetically modified (if sourced from countries such as the US) Lecithin can also be directly obtained from animal fat.

Saltpetre is usually assumed to be of natural origins but it can be artificially manufactured from waste animal matter.It is often unclear as to whether the insect is killed in the process of commercially obtaining shellac as the resin is left by the insect on various plants.Whether this resin is harvested as a residue or extracted by directly killing the insects needs further investigation.Fresh produce is the main focus of Zenxin although it covers a wide range of organic products.You can order Zenxin’s products online or visit its wholesale centre to have a look at the veggies before making a purchase.), gives the consumer more confidence about their purchase.

Below is a list of additives arranged by their E Numbers, which either always contain animals or those which sometimes may - depending on how the additive was sourced to begin with.

Remember, all types of gelatine are animal based and can be found in dairy products like yoghurts, plus many kinds of confectionery, jellies and other sweets.

Shellac is a resin secreted by an insect called the lac bug Laccifer lacca Kerr (Coccidae) .

If a food or beauty product is not clearly labelled get in touch with them and ask questions - make a fuss! Found in alcoholic drinks, fruit pie fillings, jams, many sweets and even cheeses.

Cochineal is made from the female insect found on cacti called Dactylopius Coccus.

All other E Numbers not listed here are to the best of our knowledge always vegetarian.