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Still more will argue that it wouldn’t be creepy (or harassment or…) if Zac Efron was doing it. Creepiness is all about making someone feel unsafe.When people have reason to worry that you represent a threat to their safety, they’re going to get uncomfortable in your presence. A person who invades another person’s personal space in an unwelcome manner, for example, is showing a disregard for that person’s comfort.

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After all, “creepy,” and “creeper” tend to be loaded words, especially for guys.I did not find a glass slipper on the beach but I did find this.’” He said he would hold up the bra pad to “busty” women and say, “Obviously this isn’t you,” and then turn to a smaller woman and say, “This might fit you,” he said.While he reported that 95% of the women he talked to found it hilarious, it only took one mistake to get him banned from the beach.Bring up the idea of someone being creepy and there is the inevitable argument about whether they were creepy. Handsome people can be Talking about people’s looks, however, misses the point when it comes to creepy behavior.Other people will be quick to excuse their behavior under the aegis of being “socially awkward” – they shouldn’t be judged because they couldn’t have known what they were doing was weird or upsetting. So, too, does bringing up awkwardness or whether someone is neuroatypical.Turning to the 16-year old, he added that “she would be perfect” and that she should contact him when she turned 18.

Basaraba insisted that he wasn’t trying to entice the women into anything illegal and has since ditched both the cards, the Facebook posts and the attached email address.

Principle Rooney’s pursuit of Ferris from takes on a very different tone when you realize that the actor playing him was a pedophile.

All that it takes to be creepy is to make someone feel unsafe.

But the flip-side of this particular coin is that being socially well-calibrated helps you be creepy… So let’s look at some specific examples of creepers and how they could’ve done things differently.

In Daytona, Florida, a 73-year old man was banned from all beaches in Volusia County for 6 months. He was approaching young women in hopes of getting a sugar-baby – that is, a relationship predicated on a pre-arranged financial arrangement.

This approach is, incidentally, part of why the infamous Clarke-Hatfield study failed; approaching strange women and asking them to go to bed with you is normal behavior.