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(24) Electronic automobile navigation system equipment, namely, global positioning system (GPS) consisting of computers, computer software, transmitters, receivers, and network interface devices. (26) Hand sanitizer gels, wipes and sprays; all purpose disinfectant liquids and wipes; all purpose disinfectant cleaner liquids and wipes. (32) Confectionary, namely, almond confectionery, chocolate confectionery, peanut confectionery, frozen confectionery, and sugar confectionery.

(3) Financial management, financial analysis, financial clearing houses, financial exchange of data between financial institutions and their customers, financial forecasting, financial guarantee and surety, financial information, namely, company annual reports, credit card interest rates, rates of exchange, stock exchange quotations, student loan information, financial investments in the fields of commodities, gold, investment notes, mutual funds, real estate, securities, financial management, financial planning, financial research, financial valuation of personal property and real estate, fiscal assessment and evaluation, income tax preparation, insurance services, investment counselling, lease-purchase financing, loans, mutual fund services, credit card services, and insurance underwriting in the fields of accident, life and fire. The Registrar of Trade-marks cannot guarantee the accuracy of this publication, nor assume any responsibility for errors or omissions or the consequence of these.All mail relating to trademarks should be addressed to the Registrar of Trade-marks, 50 Victoria Street, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, K1A 0C9.(12) Bottles sold empty made of plastic and glass; paper and plastic drinking cups and glasses; jugs; decorative and commemorative plates; dinnerware; figurines made of china, crystal, earthenware, glass, porcelain and terra cotta; mugs made of earthenware, glass and porcelain; lunch boxes and pails; paper plates; tankards not of precious metal; meal trays, wastepaper baskets.(13) Belts, neckties; suspenders; bandannas; beach sandals; infant and toddler sleepwear; bathrobes; nightshirts, pyjamas and loungewear; beach cover-up dresses; cloth diaper sets; toddler short and top sets; girls knit dresses with pants sets; boys shorts and top sets; girls skirt/panty combinations; socks; playsuits; coveralls; union suits; collarless shirts; shorts; pants and slacks; shirts; jackets; judges, team, referee and umpire uniforms; sweaters; parkas; turtlenecks; mittens; gloves; underwear; rompers; jerseys; maternity tops; bowties; berets, earmuffs, caps, hats, toques, turbans, headbands and scarves; ear muffs, ear bands and headbands; hosiery; rainwear, namely, rain ponchos and jackets; footwear, namely shoes, boots and slippers; bath thongs; nylon shells; hats; caps; visors; aprons; ski and cloth bibs; uniform reproductions; athletic shoes and footwear, beach footwear, bridal shoes, casual shoes, children's shoes, evening shoes, exercise shoes, fishing shoes, golf shoes, infant shoes, medical personnel shoes, orthopedic shoes, outdoor winter shoes, protective shoes, rain shoes and ski boots; knickers; wind-resistant jackets; T-shirts; sweatshirts; sweatpants; baseball caps; coats; pullovers; one-piece ski suits; golf shirts and hats; blazers; legwarmers; sequined evening tops; jeans; leotards; workout and sports apparel, namely, shorts, jackets, slacks and skirts; and ski masks.(2) Laundry bleach and laundry detergent; hand and body soaps; perfume, eau de toilette and after-shave; cosmetics, namely, creams and gels for facial and body use; and tooth pastes. (4) Meal replacement bars, meal replacement drink mixes, metabolites, minerals, vitamins, dietary supplement in the form of capsule, powder and bar for promoting weight loss and fitness of the body; contact lens disinfectants; contact lens cleaning solutions and contact lens wetting solutions.

(5) Metal key chains; metal key rings; metal money clips; and metal name badges to be worn to support the applicant's activities.

The goods and/or services appearing latterly are translations for convenience only., including those to extend the statement of goods and/or services of an existing registration, is shown in numerals immediately after the file number in the sequence of Year, Month and Day.

In applications to extend the statement of goods and/or services, the original registration date appears, in the same sequence, after the registration number. L., C/Gran Via Don Diego Lopez de Haro número 46, Planta 4a, Bilbao (48011), Vizcaya, ESPAÑA, SPAIN Representative for Service: BLANEY MCMURTRY LLP, Suite 1500, 2 Queen Street East, Toronto, ONTARIO, M5C3G5GOODS: (1) Fried wheat flour, corn and popcorn. Box 1131, 5255 Traffic Way, Atascadero 93423, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Representative for Service: BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS LLP, World Exchange Plaza, 100 Queen Street, Suite 1300, Ottawa, ONTARIO, K1P1J9GOODS: Universal fiber absorbent pillows for liquid and oil spills; universal fiber absorbent socks for liquid and oil spills; oil-only fiber absorbent booms for oil and petroleum-based spills; spill kits for universal spills, oil spills, bio-hazard material spills, acid spills and caustic spills that contain absorbent pads and granular absorbent; spill centers, namely, large spill kits for universal spills, oil spills, bio-hazard material spills, acid spills and caustic spills that contain absorbent pads and granular absorbent that mount on walls; spill stations namely, small spill kits for universal spills, oil spills, bio-hazard material spills, acid spills and caustic spills that contain granular absorbent that mount on walls; spill caddies namely, large spill kits for universal spills, oil spills, bio-hazard material spills, acid spills and caustic spills that contain absorbent pads and granular absorbent that roll on wheels; universal absorbent in granular form which is designed to work on any liquid spill; outdoor all purpose absorbent in granular form for use in absorbing liquid spills; oil-only absorbent in granular form for absorbing oil off the surface of water; universal absorbent in granular form with bromine for disinfecting blood and body fluids; caustic neutralizing absorbent in granular form for neutralizing and absorbing caustic spills; acid neutralizing absorbent in granular form for neutralizing and absorbing acid spills; paint solidifying absorbent in granular form; clean-up tools, namely brooms, dustpan and brush sets; pet waste absorbents and deodorizers, namely, a granular absorbent with additional powdered deodorant for cleaning liquid pet waste from off hard surfaces.

(22) Visual equipment, namely, cameras, video cameras, video records, TV receivers and monitors.

(23) Audio equipment, namely, radio receivers, karaoke systems, hi-fi audio systems, dictation equipment, namely, digital dictation and voice recorders, microphones, optical disc players, compact disc players, mini disc players, digital audio tape players, and hard disk audio players. (29) Dry packaged cereal, packaged grain snacks and cereal bars; packaged fruit flavoured snacks; baking mixes; refrigerated dough products; canned and frozen processed vegetables. (31) Bread and baked goods, namely, cakes, buns, rolls, English muffins, pies, cookies, pastries, muffins, croissants, bagels, donuts, pitas, tortillas, tarts and cupcakes.

(14) Cloth patches for clothing; embroidered emblems; bows and ribbons for gift wrapping; hat ornaments not of precious metal; and plastic, ornamental novelty buttons.