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Ben affleck dating actress jennifer garner

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The “Miracles from Heaven” star, who filed for divorce in April nearly two years after the A-list Hollywood couple first split, took the rare step of distancing herself from a People magazine cover story that speculated about when she might start dating again.

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She added that it was ”not unusual for me to receive calls from loved ones thinking I forgot to tell them I am pregnant--with twins!This was a lengthy “hang out” session with Affleck and Shookus on Saturday afternoon.On Saturday, Affleck, 45, and the “Saturday Night Live” producer, 37, first had a late afternoon bite at a rustic-chic restaurant in Brentwood and then headed over to Garner’s posh home in nearby Pacific Palisades, the Daily Mail said, citing the paparazzi agency X17Online.But the fact remains that new or forgotten evidence of appalling behavior on Affleck's part keeps making the rounds on social media, and the actor is currently making the situation worse by keeping quiet.The latest allegation comes from makeup artist Annamarie Tindler, who tweeted yesterday that Affleck sexually assaulted her in 2014.“For what it’s worth: I have three wonderful kids and my family is complete,” she wrote.

Affleck, 45, the director of Oscar-winning movie “Argo,” announced in March that he had been in rehab for alcohol addiction and thanked Garner for her support.

"I would also love to get an apology from Ben Affleck who grabbed my ass at a Golden Globes party in 2014," Tindler wrote.

"He walked by me, cupped my butt and pressed his finger into my crack ...

Ben just can’t be alone.” But multiple sources have told PEOPLE that Affleck and his new flame, producer Lindsay Shookus, had an affair starting in 2013, when Affleck and Garner were still married, and that Garner found out about the fling in 2015. They were seen spending the Fourth of July as a family at a Los Angeles parade, and took a trip to the Bahamas together earlier in the summer.

Other sources close to Affleck and Shookus have maintained that the two were just friends until both of them were separated from their spouses, and the romance is relatively new. “As long as he stays healthy and sober, she will support him spending as much time with the kids as he wants,” the Garner source says.

(Shookus split from her husband, Kevin Miller, then a fellow producer, in 2014.) The first source close to Garner says “it would have been easier for Jen if Ben would have just dated someone that Jen wasn’t familiar with.” But another source says Garner, 45, has long since moved on: “Of course there are issues given it was a major affair, but Jen is her own woman and is completely fine. Affleck completed treatment for alcohol addiction in March.