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At the novel's beginning, the majority of Westeros is united under the rule of a king, with each of nine regions controlled by a different major house.

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Three hundred years before the novels begin, Aegon the Conqueror and his two Targaryen sister-wives came from Dragonstone The Targaryens made the Iron Throne from the swords of the defeated rulers, fused by dragonfire, establishing King's Landing as their capital city, and remained the ruling power on the continent until deposed by Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon.The maps are drawn by illustrator and cartographer Jonathan Roberts based on drafts by George R. For details about map use in the television adaptation, please see Game of Thrones title sequence. For the website, see A Song of Ice and Fire fandom.For the "Westeros the Series" viral video, see Zondag met Lubach.Each new book has added one or two maps so that, as of A Dance with Dragons, seven individual maps of the fictional world are available in the books (see table).Martin said in 2003 that complete world maps were deliberately not made available so that readers may better identify with people of the real Middle Ages who were unilluminated about distant places.The closest foreign nations to Westeros are the Free Cities, a collection of independent city-states along the western edge of this eastern continent.

The lands along the southern coastline of the eastern continent, collectively called the Lands of the Summer Sea, include Slavers Bay and the ruins of Valyria, the former home of Westeros' Targaryen kings.

Only the North remained unconquered and the Children disappeared from Andal lands.

Over time seven kingdoms were forged across Westeros: The North, The Iron Islands, The Vale, The Westerlands, The Stormlands, The Reach, and Dorne.

The "Seven Kingdoms" actually consist of nine regions (the North, the Iron Islands, the Riverlands, the Vale, the Westerlands, the Stormlands, the Reach, the Crownlands, and Dorne), and there is a largely unmapped area to the north, separated from the Seven Kingdoms by a massive wall of ice and old magic.

The vast continent of Essos lies to the east of Westeros, across the Narrow Sea.

For similarly sounding locations, see Västerås and Wester Ross.