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Battlefield 2 rank not updating

battlefield 2 rank not updating-6

So BEWARE your stats will probebly not be getting recorded, I will post an update when I recieve one from my provider RACKAGE........This might explain why stats are not updating for other.

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Anyone else having a problem with the stats updating and if this is a known problem, who do we contact to get it to show the new information? Last time this happened it took 3 days before I got my unlocks after going up in rank. I blame my eagerness to rank up to the little birdie rank.Source Yeah at least 20 people I know say they are not updating (including me) I ve lost thousands of points and several Golds etc, others are waiting to get promotions. Aye, The fact we don't like losing points towards our next rank makes us stat whores? I play plenty of unranked mods as well like POE and DC.Try starting a new character and see if that one updates.Or try updating punkbuster ( I honestly have no idea what the symbols mean. Using my ultra keen logic sense I can guess the headphone one is for VOIP, the dude with the line through him is for punkbuster... One is for Ranked or not, one is for same version (modded) or not....Please use the registration form, to register here or read more information about the registration process. Well for the last 3 days I have played around 20 hours to try and get my final rank, but for some reason I have not been getting my stats updated, So I have e-mailed EA and phoned them and got standard reply "nothing we can do", so I went to the source, RACKAGE to see if it was something to do with there servers not sending the stats records to the main monitor.

He said that my server was fine, but to be sure gave me a new server to try, so I went on that for a couple of hours with a couple of accounts and so did my mate and guess what "no stats updating......

Allright i'll start a new char, and see where that'll bring me Also: that pic isn't a pic i took, never cheated, don't want to trow away about 40euro's for one good score I only used it as an example, cuz I can't log in to battlefield at the moment Dude your rank doesn't update because you are playing BF2 1.0 servers.

The only version the EA accepts as ranked is 1.5You have to patch your game.

Doesn't make me a stats whore just because I want to achieve the in game goals.

Well, I have the same problem, I played yesterday I don't know how much points I got but the are not few, however the last Battle shows up on the 16th, from other forms as well it seams that the problem starts on the 17th.

If you remember though last time was when the 5 M*X guys took the highscores....