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could see that Courtney had a presence that belied his years.

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She appeared, at least in Courtney's mind, to be projecting all of her spitefulness onto him. When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits.You can find him on Linked In & Twitter watching over the world.The gun was hidden under the bed, and one night when he was eight years old and couldn't take it anymore, Courtney Love called his father and told him he was going to use it.His mother was out again, but she always seemed to be out somewhere, leaving Courtney to fend for himself.He called his father, who sent a cousin to pick him up.

Courtney took one last glimpse at his mother's house, at the police car his mother had called for after realizing he was missing, and resolved to become a better kid. "And not even looking back." Over the summer, not long after the rock star named Courtney Love facetiously tweeted about being recognized for the accomplishments of the University of Kentucky linebacker named Courtney Love—a coincidence that has trailed the latter Courtney Love nearly all of his life and has drawn incredulous stares and guffaws from airport security agents examining his driver's license—the latter Courtney Love met an eight-year-old boy named Antonio Mc Kinney.

And unlike many of the college students as a short-term commitment until he left Lexington, or as a way of padding the community service aspect of his resume.

Whoever he was matched with, he told her, he wanted to make a difference in their life in a long-term way.

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