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Barbee and beenie man dating

"Magnum Kings and Queens finals, Saturday night, Symatic that won it went to York Castle.

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She has a Nigerian father and a Jamaican mother Barbee began singing at the age of five, and by age 11 she was the leader of her traveling choir “Perfect Praise”."I love children, to be quite honest, so coming to Jamaica I had to come and visit the school because you never know how much talent is there in these schools, especially here in the Caribbean," Barbee told THE STAR."If we encourage the children and give them the opportunity to cultivate their talent from this age, just imagine how many doors can open with music programmes, with track and field," said Barbee.At age 16 Barbee was as a member of a girl group called "Best Kept Secret".The group opened for acts such as rappers Jadakiss, Cameron and others. This would have discouraged many persons, but not Barbee."Start them from they're young and you never know what might happen. Maybe a little girl or a little boy will say, 'oh my gosh, I can do music just like her'.

My visit will give them the push, the drive." Barbee had the children singing and dancing and playing games with her, including popular children's games such as Simon Says.

The name Barbie is categorized by many as the name of a star like doll for girls.

Barbie symbolizes endless change but constant quality.

Choosing to persevere, it was obvious it was time to go solo and she did so in a spectacular way by recording her first single “Missing you” with the culturally riveting Jamaican artiste Junior Kelly.

The single received tremendous airplay throughout the Caribbean the northeast United States), Canada, and West Africa.

The success of the single with Beenie Man opened the international market to Barbee, and she grabbed it with both hands.