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Bad manners tour dates

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We like to run relaxed, informal tours that feel like you’re hanging out with a friend…but a friend who happen to be an expert on Paris!

How many King Louis’ can you expect to remember on your vacation, anyway? ” These are interactive tours, not academic lectures.Private tours are interactive, more like a discussion than a lecture. And you don’t have to find the “meeting place” because your guide will meet you right at your hotel or rental apartment. All Secrets of Paris custom tours are designed to fit each client, not our own rigid agenda.That means the itinerary for the day was designed around your interests, budget and energy level.Don't expect us to show up in our running clothes (unless it's a running tour), check our phone during a tour, or otherwise act unprofessional in any way.We’re a bit old-school, so punctuality, discretion, and respect are important.They take photos, visit museums, cruise the Seine, and walk the winding streets.

But looking is not experiencing, and seeing is not understanding.

And if you’ve read this far, it means you know that matters.

We’re here to help you get the best out of Paris, not sell you over-priced “passes”, tickets to tacky shows, or encourage you to book generic, pre-packaged tours just so we can get the kickbacks.

Created in 1999, the Secrets of Paris is the oldest independent and locally-owned website about Paris in English, for both visitors and residents.

Discover what you've been missing: * Free Resource Guide* Calendar of interesting Paris events * Monthly Secrets of Paris newsletter Read more about the Secrets of Paris here Tourists have been coming to Paris for hundreds of years to enjoy the city’s historic monuments, gourmet cuisine, culture treasures, and luxury boutiques.

The Secrets of Paris tours aim to be cross-cultural experiences, giving you a better understanding of the real Paris, not just the postcard-perfect city seen on glossy tourism office brochures, nor the politically-skewed impression of France often portrayed in the press.