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Aylesworth dating

Aylesworth continued her work in independent productions, filming a small part for Steven Kampmann's independent movie, Buzzkill.

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After understudying in several productions at the Springfield Theatre Centre, Aylesworth was cast in the role of Consuelo in West Side Story, while her family was preparing to move to Seattle, Washington.It is unknown whether she declined the 3 lbs role or she was not offered it again.Soon after the conclusion of 24's fifth season, Aylesworth and her 24 costar D. Woodside filmed the short, First which was also written, produced, and directed by Woodside.In the twelfth episode, Aylesworth returned, with Michelle Dessler now a high level bureaucrat within the CTU hierarchy.Michelle served as CTU Director for the remainder of the season and resigned shortly thereafter in order to remarry Tony Almeida.Following her departure from 24, Aylesworth has remained active in both television and movies as well as theatre.

Her first leading role in a feature film was in the independent, romantic drama Crazylove where she worked alongside Bruno Campos and former 24 costar Paul Schulze.

In January 2007, Aylesworth had a guest role in two episodes of the ABC comedy, The Knights of Prosperity, where she played the head of Mick Jagger's security company, Simone Cashwell.

The Knights attempt to seduce her character in order to obtain the necessary security codes to access Mick Jagger's apartment and later trick Simone in order to get her thumbprint which is also needed to open the door.

with the purpose of attracting the lecherous attention of Dr. Her role was extended for two additional episodes, but concluded due to the suspension of filming resulting from the 2007-2008 WGA Strike.

In May, 2008 Aylesworth filmed a supporting role in the Steve Morris, independent, comedy The Assistants,, which tells the story of a group of Hollywood assistants who are scheming to have their script turned into a feature film.

When her family left for Seattle, she remained in Springfield with family friends for the duration of the play's run.