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A COBOL table or array is simply a data structure consisting of a collection of elements(values), all of which have the same data description, such as a table of monthly sales. To define the array in WORKING-STORAGE with an OCCURS clause would require the following coding. MOVE WS-FROM-DATE-DD TO WS-TO-DATE-DD MOVE WS-FROM-DATE-CC TO WS-TO-DATE-CC MOVE WS-FROM-DATE-YY TO WS-TO-DATE-YY MOVE WS-FROM-DATE-MM TO WS-MONTH-NUM MOVE WS-MONTH-NAME(WS-MONTH-NUM) TO WS-TO-DATE-MON. I frequently store static data, constants like rates, prices, categories, options in COBOL arrays in WORKING STORAGE, rather than hard-coding at many places. Tax amount of the first bracket is $8,925 x 10% = $892.50. Its easy to see, that if the tax rates are revised, only the TAX-RATES-TABLE needs modification, the 7000-COMPUTE-TAX sub-routine remains as is. This system abides with search results of foremost search giants like Google, Yahoo, MSN and more.However, users often come across some technical issues that require expert help.Disclaimer : The website reserves all right of the user, This website refers your acceptance of legal terms of the third party service provider for email tech support, windows related issues in the desktop, laptops and the peripherals.We at e do not represent or endorse any third party companies.

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Indexes are defined by the The compiler automatically calculates the value contained in the index as the occurrence number minus 1 multiplied by the size of the table element.

Therefore, for the sixth occurrence of JOB-ID, the binary value contained in IDX-A is (6 - 1) x 5 = 25.

The elements of a table could be elementary or group data items. Likewise, tax amount of the fourth and fifth brackets are $26,712 and $55027.50.

You'd refer to any element by its position in the array. the sixth element is referred to as WS-MONTHLY-SALES(06). Tax amount of the third bracket is (87,850 - 36,250) x 25% = $12,900.

Note that, the OCCURS clause may not be used on the levels 01, 66 and 77. A well-designed program has the static data centralized at one place. A generic sub-routine can be written to compute tax as follows.