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It represents the internals of the query construction and is not part of the public API.

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Similarly, if you use a that returns dictionaries, rather than model instances, when used as an iterable.The aggregation functions that are provided by Django are described in Aggregation Functions below.Annotations specified using keyword arguments will use the keyword as the alias for the annotation.Pickles should not be used as part of a long-term archival strategy.Since pickle compatibility errors can be difficult to diagnose, such as silently corrupted objects, a exists so that specialized query subclasses can reconstruct internal query state.If a query doesn’t have an ordering specified, results are returned from the database in an unspecified order.

A particular ordering is guaranteed only when ordering by a set of fields that uniquely identify each object in the results.

are only valid for the version of Django that was used to generate them.

If you generate a pickle using Django version N, there is no guarantee that pickle will be readable with Django version N 1.

No database activity actually occurs until you do something to evaluate the queryset.

You can evaluate a , this will force all the results to be loaded into memory prior to pickling.

For example, if a Note that this is not quite the same as slicing from the end of a sequence in Python.