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Automate the entry and updating of routing information

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By creating Shipping Document Sets you can: Once this setup is complete, the documents are automatically generated when transactions are released for picking or ship confirmed.

If feature setup is required, then the Application Implementation Consultant job role is required to perform the setup unless otherwise indicated.MANAGE SHIPPING DOCUMENT JOB SET RULES Manage Shipping Document Job Set Rules To create a shipping document job set rule: Escalate Self-Service Receiving for Items Not Received Self-service requesters in your organization sometimes do not receive orders or receive only partial orders from suppliers for a variety of reasons.Some situations do not require buyers to get involved.We make frequent additions to this document, so don’t forget to check back and get the latest information before your update starts.Feature Summary Inventory Management Manage and Distribute Shipping Documents In the complex world of global trade, many countries require specific approved document formats and specific document processing protocol to ensure shipping documents are not fraudulent.Please send us your feedback at [email protected]

Optional Uptake of New Features (Opt In) We continue to add many new features to the Oracle Cloud Applications, and for some features, you can take advantage of new functionality at a pace that suits you by “opting in” to the feature when you’re ready.

With these capabilities, self-service requesters can better articulate when the buyers need to get involved if they do not receive the goods or if they do not receive the goods in full.

Steps to Enable You must enable the Escalate Self-Service Receiving for Items Not Received feature to use the functionality.

Use the Shipping Advice web service to get shipping documents for any shipment and send them to another system.

If the document job set was run for the shipment and the documents are associated with a shipment, you can fetch documents for: Shipping Document Sets help you improve your operational efficiency and productivity by providing the tools to automate the generation and distribution of shipping documents.

Use the Manage Custom Enterprise Scheduler Jobs for Financial and Supply Chain Management and Related Applications page to create and manage your shipping document job sets.