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Autism dating site

I have sent them several emails asking why (since my membership and access ended last autumn), but have never had a reply for those either.

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I would seriously recommend that people stay far away from this website until they have been fully investigated.Hello fellow aspies please read I'm looking out for all of you.The Spectrum Singles dating website takes advantage of autistic people for money!This is the result of a lack of funding and resources at the time we developed the first version.However, we have recently received some much needed capital to completely redesign the site.Last month I tried contacting the billing department of their website to stop charging me and they still charged me this month!

I had to get my bank involved to dispute the cost and I just did that today.

I signed up to a discounted membership offer back in July 2016 and cancelled immediately via the 'Cancel Subscription' bit on their website so that it would not automatically renew.

I always do this with any dating sites, as I do not want to keep paying if I discover the website isn't right for me.

The bank has not been able to get hold of them to cancel this.

I am lucky that I work in finance and have family that work in both IT security (so can trace certain activity on websites) and law (as a back up in case I do have to take them to court), but I appreciate many customers will not be in this position.

I made a profile and thought I had to pay to message members.