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apparently this is the 3d one we've had, and Quinn Cook played on a prior one.

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I had been looking for this first item for a little while now, but apparently my Finnish skills are a little rusty.Jordan's coach did pull one 6'7'' guy out of the 10th grade though since the varsity lacked height.Jordan was a superstar on the JV but it was the norm for 9th and 10th graders to play JV with the varsity being 11th and 12th graders. Arbitrary, but customary.) Though, of course, this really supports your comment about how much the game and the approach to the game have changed. This time, it is the Women's University Games tryouts, which will include both Tricia Liston and Haley Peters.The 33 players will eventually be cut down to 12 as they will play in the World Championships in July.There is one more Duke tie as Katie Meier is the head coach of the team.Alex Murphy is listed on a training camp roster for Finland's U20 team as they will once again be playing in the B Division of the European U20s in July.

This training camp starts in June and Alex will probably be expected to be one of the two main stars again as some new players join a few veterans as a number of players from last year's squad are now too old to be on the team.

The roster included Marcin Gortat and a few active NCAA players.

Here is the article in Polish: more players have been added to the Women's University Games list to increase the ACC participation.

There must be a future Duke player or two on the U16 Girls' tryout list, right?

Here is the article: is the full list (feel old as there could be an athlete born in 2000 representing the United States): wonder what other kind of personnel are in the gym during these giant tryouts.

Marty Pocius is still recovering from surgery after his latest injury, but Lithuania's new coach believes that he will be available for national team duty in the summer.