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Women may experience inflammation, an itchy sensation and swelling of the genitals shortly after contact with semen.Luckily reactions tend be localised, and I’m not aware of any cases where women have gone into anaphylactic shock, although theoretically, this could happen.

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HAS is a rare condition – less than 3 per cent of all headaches reported – and it generally affects men more than women, although nobody can be certain how common it is, because people may be embarrassed about reporting it.If a patient came to me with blood clots, I would be concerned she might be anaemic due to the heavy blood loss.The first line of treatment would be tranexamic acid, which has a chemical action that reduces bleeding.For women who experience semen allergy, I usually recommend they stick to condoms.However, it can be tricky when women want to get pregnant. In severe cases, assisted reproductive technology has to be utilised.”“It can do.The overall success rate of this operation is about 80 per cent in stopping or lessening periods.”“A bidet, fine. Douching – the practice of sluicing water up your vagina with a pumped device – is associated with a range of health problems.

Douching upsets the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina (called vaginal flora), which can cause infections such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis.

Controlling your periods with oral contraceptives or the Mirena coil is another option.

The coil provides contraception and can lessen periods, although you should be aware that symptoms may get worse initially.

Often there are issues like bruising from birth trauma, or an episiotomy.

You should only attempt to have sex when you are ready – six weeks is usually recommended as the healing process should be well under way, although some women will have sex before then, while others will wait longer.

As a consultant at London’s integrated women’s wellness clinic and Queen’s Hospital, she’s seen and heard it all and isn’t the least bit shy about sharing her wealth of knowledge.