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Asian dating sites 2013

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One is the boy-bumps-girl scene where the things of the girl scatter on the floor and the boy helps him out and they develop.Another example is the girl-wants-boy-but-boy-likes-another girl. Although these formula for movies are still effective for some viewers, the fact remains that viewers are already bored of seeing these kind of scenes over and over again. They only focused on one element and left behind other developments from the plot.

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Many scenes also were just a copycat of the traditional romantic Filipino films.

But Ivan sees her only as his best friend, and he fell in love with Patricia's cousin, Angel. Will Ivan fall in love with Patricia or they will be remain best friends forever?

By reading the plot alone, you can defy that the storyline is not that substantial in anyway.

The question "What happened to the other half of the story? Also, the computer generated effect of the fireworks in the end was very obvious.

There were several plus points for the movie, though.

The crisis of the movie wasn't that heavy enough to raise the audience's feelings (well, except for the fact that Filipinos love to watch romantic movies).