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He said that many of the hosts they talk to want to get hate sites off their networks.“Even the most intransigent of them, when they’re given evidence of something really problematic, they do respond,” he said.

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Johnson, chair of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Human and Civil Rights Committee, highlighted the reach and threat of hate on the Internet.“The internet provides extremists with an unprecedented ability to spread hate and recruit followers,” he said.“Individual racists and organized hate groups now have the power to reach a global audience of millions and to communicate among like-minded individuals easily, inexpensively, and anonymously.Cloudflare says that some 10 percent of web requests flow through its network, and the company’s mainstream clients range from the FBI to the dating site OKCupid.The widespread use of Cloudflare’s services by racist groups is not an accident.Most of their operators supported Donald Trump and helped spread a variety of conspiracy theories aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton.

But they clearly have also become a renewed source of concern for law enforcement.

Cloudflare, per its policy, then relays the name and email address of the person complaining to the hate site, often to the surprise and regret of those complaining.

This has led to campaigns of harassment against those writing in to protest the offensive material. Pro Publica reached out to a handful of people targeted by The Daily Stormer after they or someone close to them complained to Cloudflare about the site’s content.

“We need to make it clear to all of these people that there are consequences for messing with us,” Anglin wrote in one online post. The lawyer, Doug Kramer, Cloudflare’s general counsel, defended the company’s policies by saying it is “base constitutional law that people can face their accusers.” Kramer suggested that some of the people attacking Cloudflare’s customers had their own questionable motives.

Hate sites such as The Daily Stormer have become a focus of intense interest since the racially divisive 2016 election — how popular they are, who supports them, how they are financed.

Company officials have said Cloudflare’s core belief is in the free and open nature of the internet.