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Are mike wolfe and danielle dating

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Emily leaves her job for the day and runs into Ce Ce, who tells Emily that they should swap numbers.

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Emily gets a surprise visit at the coffee shop from Lyndon who wants to ask her opinion on a candle.He introduces himself to her as Maya's cousin, Nathan "Nate" St. Emily tells him it's her first day working and says she would prefer to call him later.He accepts and proceeds to tell her that he now lives in Rosewood and just started at Hollis College.Lyndon mentions Maya used to have similar earrings.Emily agrees and then asks how Lyndon knew that since Emily had given them to her only a week before her death.Lyndon makes something up about seeing them in a picture Maya had sent him.

Emily then questions Lyndon again about why he is bothering to buy Jenna all these gifts.

Emily is shocked at Ce Ce's boldness, but she can't change what happened.

Emily is later strolling the streets when she sees Lyndon sitting all alone in a restaurant.

Lyndon tells Emily about meeting Jenna the other night at The Brew. Lyndon asks Emily about her relationship with Paige but then spots Garrett next to the elevator.

Paige appears to be jealous of Emily talking to Lyndon and starts to drink from a flask. Lyndon goes after Garret but is held back by the police escorts.

He was really looking forward to hanging out with Maya again.