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Like my co-worker said to the guy in Georgia, "A roll with fucking butter on it! I'm still not convinced a buttered roll is, though.

They put the lids on them and I didn't realize there was milk and sugar until we'd left the shop. It doesn't have the kind of crust that I'd expect on a kaiser roll, nor does it have seeds on it, which makes it look like it could be some kind of sweet roll.This barely qualifies (some would say it doesn't) as a sandwich, but it certainly qualifies as a delicious start to your day. "I didn't know what a buttered roll and I live in the Boston area.However, "Coffee- Regular" also means with a normal amount of milk and sugar in it in the Boston area (especially if you order it from Duncan Donuts).You can walk in to any 7-11 in the morning and they'll be pre-made on the counter wrapped in plastic wrap right next to the pre-cut and buttered bagels.I am truely surprised that this is a New York thing.It's also the same reason that a "regular" coffee means milk and sugar.

That's how most people take it, and it's easier to be handed a cup from a guy at a cart window that you immediately start drinking instead of something where you have to find somewhere to put the cup down on to add the sugar.

A co-worker of mine is from California and, until today, she did not know what a buttered roll was. Another co-worker confirmed that when she was in Georgia she asked for a buttered roll and they looked at her as if she told them she was sticking them up. Hard to tell without a picture or a better description of the flavor.

Not a dinner roll with butter on it but a big, soft in the inside, chewy on the outside roll. As for butter roll, I would assume it's a dinner roll served with a pat of butter on the side.

But I assume it's meant to be something like a kaiser roll or a sandwich bun, since it says "sandwich roll" in the url.

But again, a sandwich roll would be for sandwiches, not something an ordinary non-New Yorker would eat for breakfast.

That's probably a part of this story - it's an on-the-go food sold to pedestrians from non-permanent, outdoor points of sale.