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And george eads dating

Jorja has a production company called "Honey Pot" that usually makes lesbian-themed plays. I read in People when he first hit it big in Savannah in which he confessed that he trouble resisting the ladies. Please, you just don't live with Eric Szmanda and not do him.And Monika Casey has worked in the play "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom"...."Who can believe this PR bullshit? From Us"On his recent post season break, Eads, "just wanted to unplug and get away from all it all", so he left THE L.

"Who refers to his dog as "a sexy, big man" and call the firemen "studs"???"He's a sexy, big man" Eads says of his fat dog." "As science geek cop Nick Stokes, the Texas native (now in L.A) never wears police blues, but HE LEARNED ABOUT MEN IN UNIFORM THE TIME HIS HOUSE WENT UP IN SMOKE.A HOME HE SHARES WITH CASTMATE ERIC SZMANDA (GREG SANDERS), to go camping and sleep on his boat.The Belton, Texas high school athlete still plays football and hoops from time to time, and he has golfed, since age 13, but give him a TV and he's happy. He is best known for his role as Nick Stokes on the CBS police drama Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).

In 2000 Eads became one of the lead character of the CBS police drama CSI, in which he portrayed a Las Vegas forensic scientist named Nick Stokes. He graduated with a degree of marketing from Texas Tech University in 1989. The couple first met on the sets of Evel Knievel, when George broke his thumb, and she was his nurse.

The two disagree on more than just custody of their daughter. They cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce ...

Eads claims the two had a prenup but Monika doesn't mention it. the two appeared on an episode of "Flipping Out," but no word if a rough home remodel led to the split.

Only the bunch of loonies from CSIfiles can buy this ridiculous bearding."Wasn't there an interview where George called firemen "hunks"?

Have you ever know a straight man to refer to other men as hunks?

American actor, George Eads was born on March 1, 1967, in Texas, U.