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American traditions of dating

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Try succulent rack of lamb, a soup of some sort, like onion soup, lots of fresh bread, and of course, delicious hot cross buns.From the delicious chocolate, to the magnificent churches, to the fun children's games, it's easy to see that Easter is quite a celebration in France.

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What can one expect to find on dinner plates throughout France during this holiday?One such game involves rolling raw eggs down a gentle slope.The egg that makes it down the slop, without breaking, is declared the victor.On this day, all the bells in France remain still and silent in remembrance of Jesus' passing.As one might imagine, this is quite a somber remembrance, and one that's made all the more acute because the church bells typically ring out joyously at different times of the day.Obviously, as a holiday, adults do not have to go to work and children stay home from school.

During this day, it is common to see many of the children playing some of the games listed above.

While it's true that Easter is a joy for both young and old alike, it's the children in particular who seem to have the most fun.

It's in this spirit that French children delight in Easter games.

French Easter traditions involve many of the same elements to which those who live in the United States have grown accustom, and much of this tradition revolves around chocolate, fish and church bells.

Celebrating Easter in France is very much a part of the French culture, and many of the French Easter traditions directly relate back to the fact that much of the country (about ninety percent) considers itself Roman-Catholic.

" Besides the ringing of the bells, there are quite a few Easter traditions in France.