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American furniture design and age dating

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In America Herman Miller was famous for ‘modern” furniture’.

Royal Danish Academy of Art was a major influencer in the modern movement and the alma mater of many of the still famous Danish Furniture designers.‘Retro’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Mid Century’ and ‘Mid-Century Modern’ are terms being used by Retro and Vintage Furniture Stores everywhere.Further, qualifiers such as ‘style’ or ‘design’ are often thrown in either to honestly define a piece or to disguise its lack of authenticity.The term Retro furniture has also come into colloquial use for describing furniture that strictly speaking should be labeled as Mid Century Modern.However “Retro” has a light-hearted and fun connotation to it while Mid Century Modern is a definite serious functional style.Examples are: ‘Vintage Style’, ‘Retro Style’, ‘Danish Style’, ‘Danish Design’.

To complete the list of casually interchanged phrases we should add ‘Antique’ and ‘Art Deco’.

Iconic pieces from this era have been adapted and copied endlessly, and while authentic items have great investment value and proven quality, copies serve as good value in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

But it might be important to know what you are buying or being offered. It strictly refers to something that is culturally outdated or aged in style that has since become functionally or superficially the norm once again. It can be attractive as nostalgia for its own sake and can even be deliberately kitsch.

Retro Furniture from the 1950s would include formica topped tables and chrome bar stools.

The retro furnture style brings up images of sleek furniture against a backdrop of boldly patterned wall paper.

The popularity of Retro, Vintage and Mid Century Modern furniture is not a chance occurrence or a fad.