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Amazon dating the divorced man

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Horgan and Challes-Grandits were struggling to keep a small visual joke: Julian highlighting the pubic hair on a Thomas Eakins sketch with a laser pointer as he commanded his students to “notice the hyperrealism of the pubic mons.” The scene had been filmed in both a wide shot and a closeup, and for an hour and a half they tried different ways of integrating the footage.At one point, Horgan said, “What we’re trying to do is fill that silence and keep our pubes.”A consulting producer and writer named Adam Resnick joined Horgan in the editing room.

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Raunchy repartee turns to edgy teasing turns to caustic bickering turns to tension-relieving banter or sex (or bantering sex).”In early March, as the four-month shoot for “Divorce” was entering its final days, Horgan was sitting on a couch in a windowless editing room in Greenpoint.She wore an off-white T-shirt tucked into well-fitting jeans, and white booties.“A terrible thing has happened,” Rob tells Sharon in the first episode.“Let’s make the best of it.”Horgan, who is forty-five, and Delaney, who is thirty-nine, are happily married to other people, and both have children.It's sort of the trials and tribulations of being a woman.

July, 2013, Sharon Horgan rode her bike across London and visited the offices of Channel 4, the British broadcaster, to pitch a comedy called “Catastrophe.” Its title was taken from a line in “Zorba the Greek”: “I’m a man, so I married. The full catastrophe.” Co-created with Rob Delaney, an American comedian who made his name with a riotously filthy Twitter account, “Catastrophe” is about an Irishwoman named Sharon, played by Horgan, and an American man named Rob, played by Delaney, who have a torrid six-night stand in London, accidentally conceive a child, and then try to make a life together.

She had broken her foot on Christmas Day, jumping on a trampoline with her children, and she was still not cleared to wear heels.

On the couch’s arm, she had placed her phone and a copy of “Brooklyn,” the novel by her compatriot Colm Tóibín.

Horgan told me, “We don’t wring too much misery out of custody issues in this first season.” In other words, battles over children will be something for audiences to look forward to in Season Two.

The playwright and actor Tracy Letts, who appears in “Divorce,” says that, when he first read the script, he said to himself, “This could read like mean-spirited satire.” It avoided that trap, he added, because “you can’t help but feel for the characters.” Horgan, he said, is “good at making real people.”Sarah Jessica Parker’s production company has a first-look deal with HBO, and for years she had been looking to develop a series about a troubled relationship, at one point thinking that it might be a drama.

Resnick, an alumnus of “Late Night with David Letterman” and “Saturday Night Live,” has an amiably neurotic manner. K., there’s just a darkness.”The doors of surrounding offices were decorated with the show’s temporary logo, in which the “o” in “Divorce” was replaced by an image of a broken heart.