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Alison waite dating

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But she is less interested in discussing the politics of dealing with an ex-husband than the actuality of being a working mother.

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After a small blip in her new regime (‘a day of drinking champagne at my brother’s wedding’) she is back in the zone, juicing every day and making batches of fresh soups.Her engagement to the Glaswegian TV producer Marty Benson ended in 2000 because work commitments kept them apart, and subsequent relationships – including a two-year romance with DJ Steve Ellington and a year-long relationship with snowboarder Jamie Baker – earned her the tabloid tag ‘unlucky in love’.It was a label she never believed in (‘I’ve had a lot of very good relationships with some great guys’).Within three years she and Tom were married and doting parents, with the birth of their first daughter in 2008.The pair were a golden couple: they had their second child Marnie in 2012; a wide circle of celebrity friends (from Mc Avoy to All Saints stars Nicole and Natalie Appleton), and were both flooded with offers of work.‘My mum was the worst time-keeper and she never worried about the house being spotless, so it was always the place where all my mates wanted to hang out. ‘You can get so hung up on everything being just as you want it to be, but you have to be able to let go of that. Chasing perfection can make you go mad.’ She pauses.

‘I think when big things happen, women look at what is important and try to pull the strength from inside themselves.

But in 2013, their seven-year relationship ended with Tom leaving to pursue a career in Hollywood and admitting he had cheated on her.

Neither have discussed the reasons behind their split in detail because, as Tamzin says, ‘We have two children and they come first in every way.’Tamzin has admitted the split ‘devastated’ her. She tells me a story about doing an art project with Marnie and how, when the drawing went wrong, ‘I made her realise we could change it to make it work.

We didn’t have to screw it up and throw it away.’ This, she says, is her greatest life lesson and one she clearly wants her daughters to understand.

It is also something her Italian mother, Anna, taught her – albeit subliminally.

He said, “If you get on a plane to Portugal now, you can have my room.” Tom [Ellis, her ex-husband and father of their two daughters, Florence, nine, and five-year-old Marnie] was in town and had the girls, so I went straight to Heathrow and got a standby flight.