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Margrethe II: I started in July of last year and was finished in the first week of this year.

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She is also the founder of the conscious community, Mystic Wanderer, a global platform for women to share their journeys of awakening.Kirsty connected on a very deep level to what needed to be done and walked me through it.The path to our interview with the Danish queen takes us across a cobblestone courtyard and past a black Bentley with an open trunk, parked in the palace garage.Margrethe II rarely gives interviews, and the queen makes a point of not discussing politics. It was a task that I found very touching, because Luther's Reformation was very important for Denmark.SPIEGEL: Your Majesty, you will travel to Germany in early October for the reopening of the palace chapel in Wittenberg, and you plan to bring along an altar hanging for the church. SPIEGEL: How long did it take to embroider the antependium?Margrethe II: The big difference between the two countries was that there were many principalities on German soil at the time, in which religion was established by the respective rulers. In Denmark, the king's faith became the religion of the country, and we are still happy with that today.

SPIEGEL: The King of Norway recently gave a speech that describes a modern country.

I worked on it mostly in the afternoons and evenings. SPIEGEL: What role does Martin Luther play for you?

It was big, but embroidering is also a very relaxing activity. Margrethe II: Luther and the Reformation were of fundamental importance to Denmark. We spoke about him a lot in school, and we feel very close to him.

The queen, who is a professed chain smoker, has ruled her country for 44 years, and she is known as a down-to-earth and unpretentious person. I was asked almost two years ago whether I could imagine doing this.

On this day, she is wearing a simple white cotton dress with gold buttons, and earrings shaped like daisies. I traveled to Wittenberg, spoke to people there and then agreed to do it. I drew a design with the white Luther rose in the middle.

SPIEGEL: The churches in Germany and Denmark developed very differently after that.