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Secrets of money, interest and inflation Debit, credit, banco! Galbraith Gerard Dunnil Michael Hudson Ed Dolan Jacques Nikonoff Jean-Claude Paye Eugnio Rosa Jorge Figueiredo The secrets behind democracies: The road to democracy The chicken-parliament The bizarre Dutch referendum Burada patron değil, Erdogan değilim ! Some seem to be out of reach today, either because these websites or pages do not exist anymore, or because of other causes.

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Mazucheli Geopolticablog George Orwell Werkgroep Gerakanhatimmm Gest Credit Gianfranco Vizzotto Gino Salvi Global Echo Global Economic Intersection Global Faultlines Global Order Global Research Global Systemic Crisis Golden Heart Gorod. If you speak more than one language, please consider translating an article too.The tale that an economy should grow to be healthy comes out of the need of the bankers to supply more loans all the time.More loans means more balances in circulation and loss of value of our money.To prevent impoverishment we have to produce more in order to earn more all the time.That is nice for the bankers, but not for us and not for the Earth.At an interest of 6 percent this equals 1/3 of the interest burden.

The losers are the successive users of the corresponding bank balances.

Each unit of money becomes less worth and with that also our bank balances.

And if we don't want to get poorer, we will have to work harder to make up for the loss of value of our money. You can also see it this way: By working harder we try to obtain a part of the newly created bank balances.

This way, the official money comes about as numbers at the central bank.

The central bank is the only bank entitled to print banknotes.

In a general way, the number of defaulters increases exponentially with the increase of the interest rate.