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There are many different types of businesses that can take advantage of this growing market, including driving and delivery services, catering, cleaning, and landscaping.

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National chain restaurants are jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon - Pizza Hut has recently debuted its first gluten-free crusted pizza.But there is plenty of opportunity for local restaurants and bakeries that are actually safe to eat in for celiacs and serve real, tasty food – and especially places that serve hard-to-find fresh items such as soups, sandwiches and bread.In my local area two bakeries specializing in gluten-free products have opened in the past two years, and both appear to be very successful.And "waterless" products such as waterless car wash cleaners will be more popular than ever.Have you every tried to find a mason to do some brickwork on your house, lay down a new patio, or repair your chimney?Most artisanal food businesses start out as one-person cottage industries, selling at farmers' markets and (with continued success and growth) eventually to local restaurants and grocery stores, who are always looking for locally-sourced, high quality food products.

If you are a food artist, why not turn your passion into a business?

Welcome to my 2016 list of the best small business opportunities.

As always, these businesses are chosen for having low barriers to entry - you will not need 10 million dollars or a PHD in biotechnology to start any of the businesses in the list.

If 2016 is the year you decide to take the plunge and start your own business, here are some ideas that have potential based on current trends in business and demographics.

Remember also that good business ideas are all around you.

Gluten-free foods continue to be hot (pun intended).