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Adult self awareness camps

It is our hope that this safe environment will maximize their abilities and willingness for participation, and is appropriate to foster their self awareness, growth, and development.

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Camp environments are becoming increasingly available for individuals of all ages, abilities, socioeconomic status groups, and cultural groups with a similar goal of providing community living outside the home within an outdoor educational setting (Thurber et al. The effects of camp have become a topic of interest for parents, educators, health professionals, camp staff, and volunteers since the powerful lessons acquired through developmentally appropriate experiences, influential role models, and community involvement are easily gained at camp and maintained following the camp experience (Henderson, Scheuler Whitaker, Bialeschki, Scanlin, and Thurber 2007; Thurber et al. Significant improvements in Positive Identity, Social Skills, Positive Values and Spiritual Growth, and Physical and Thinking Skills have been demonstrated among children who had attended a residential camp (Thurber et al. According to ACA, the camp experience fosters the development of “self-esteem, character, courage, responsibility, resourcefulness, and cooperation . Positive Youth Development encourages prevention of unhealthy behaviors by extending beyond risk reduction to emphasize protective factors. Camp Ca Pella offers year round recreational and educational opportunities outside of the Phillips Lake facility.*Donations can be made online via Pay Pal. Or if you prefer, donations can be mailed to Camp Ca Pella, PO Box 552, Holden, ME 04429. For more information or to discuss these options further, please call 207-843-5104.Social skills and self-efficacy are fundamental processes and necessary for individuals in everyday life. This gives them the courage to continue to explore and expand their abilities.Camp Ca Pella is a lakefront summer camp at Phillips Lake that provides diverse recreational and educational opportunities for children and adults with disabilities.Every parent has experienced a child's tantrums and meltdowns.

These often come at inconvenient times and places, and they remind us that young children are still learning how to understand and regulate their emotions.

It's the feeling associated with the phrase, "I can do it!

" From taking their first steps to learning how to read, children gain self-confidence as they master new skills.

Just like adults, kids experience a full range of "big feelings,” including anger, fear, happiness, sadness, excitement and frustration.

They need our guidance as they develop strategies for calming down, controlling impulses and focusing.

When kids experience stressful and emotional situations, self-regulation strategies can help them calm down and make good decisions.