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Mobile phone ownership jumped to 72% at age 14 in that survey, and by the age of 17 more than eight in ten teens (84%) had their own cell phone.

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At that point in time, 45% of teens had a cell phone and 10% of them said they used it to go online.One gap in our data relates to the use of mobile phones or other mobile devices (like PDAs or smartphones) to go online.We first asked the question back in 2004 and have not repeated it since.A considerable number of teens with cell phones continue to use landlines daily and at the same rate as their cell phone-less counterparts, with 33% of cell owners making a call on a landline each day. About one in three teens (29%) spend time with friends in person outside of school on a daily basis.The three other primarily text-based forms of communication stand at the bottom of the list of daily communication activities.Internet users are more likely than non-users to have a cell phone; however half of teens who do not go online do own a mobile phone.

For teens as a whole, landline phones remain the most widespread method of communication with friends.

Game-related devices are more likely to be conceived of by families as “owned” by the children in the household, while computers are more likely to be owned collectively by the family, or by the adults in the household.

Among teens, age is the most important variable in mobile phone ownership.

Our surveys show that while 71% of teens owned cell phones in 2008: The computer ownership number has been stable since 2006, but it is somewhat complicated because it is sometimes hard for teens and their parents to sort out who owns what technology in a household.

Cell phones and mp3 players are personal and heavily personalized devices and tend to be “owned” by one individual.

Girls and boys are equally likely to own a phone and there are no differences by race or ethnicity in phone ownership.