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Adult dating online persona

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They were also more likely to get along with their peers and feel satisfied in their romantic relationships.” In other words, even our very earliest experiences can reveal a lot about our behavior and personality as adults. Babies and toddlers raised in supportive and caring home environments tended to do better on standardized tests later on, and they were more likely to attain higher degrees as adults.

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Conversely, those of us who are high-energy go-getters in our working lives were likely no different at school or in college. Was it a well-rated and respected school or a struggling school? If they didn’t go to college, what did they do after high school? That said, remember that when it comes to putting food on the table, the decisions we make are often out of necessity rather than choice – and the face we show at work may not be an accurate reflection of the person we are at home or with friends. What was their first ever job (remember that this may overlap with school or college)? Or perhaps the role is a stop-gap until they find something more suited to their skill set? Do they feel their current salary offers fair compensation for the work they do? What, if anything, would they change about their current role?

Look at how many employees they have and how much they turn over.

That said, before you go away and ask ten or twenty generic questions, think about this: the more questions you ask, the deeper the insight you’ll gain into your buyers and the more targeted and effective you can be in your marketing strategies.

Asking more questions will take more time up-front, but the payoff will be well worth the extra effort. These are the most basic questions that we should be all be asking about our target customers.

While my business partner Colin Mathews has been working on building Mailshake, I’ve been hard at work building buzz and recruiting beta users.

So far, we’ve had more than 3,500 people request access to the system, but only a few hundred of those really got the product and were successfully able to leverage it.

Establish how a person acted and performed at school, and you’ll learn a lot about how they act and perform as an adult.