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Adult chatbots

Why not have a look at some of our winning lesson share entries on ESOL where you can find lessons designed for teachers by teachers?Well, it seems our electronic chauffeur-slaves, the car-driving robots, AKA Tesla Model S with the Autopilot, have begun killing people. Public has always been fearful of the so-called "robot uprising" and finally it has begun. Tesla themselves say that a driver running Autopilot must, in spite of the fact that the robo-driver is making all of the decisions, have both hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road. I can take or leave Facebook, but still I learn a lot about robotics as it happens.

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If you would like to compete or know someone who would like to compete, just send me an email. This is the April 2014 issue of Robots and Androids! ---At our Riverside Robotics Society, I taught our fifth Arduino C class. That and cake and cookies and lots of chocolates made it a GREAT meeting.CLICK HERE TO READ HIS LATEST BLOG THE CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF ROBOTICS (CIR), THE VERY FIRST COLLEGE of ROBOTICS ENGINEEERING, WILL OPEN in the SUMMER of 2016.A new engineering college, called the California Institute of Robotics will be opening soon! This college sounds like it is a college that WE WOULD WANT TO ATTEND.They will be doing (in Star Wars costumes) light saber mock battles during the Expo! This Robot Expo is starting to get, as my daughter says, GINORMOUS! Click HERE to Read That Interview Later this month we will have an article on robot surgery mishaps and a review of the EZ-Robot V3. I hope they will be doing better than that in the future. I'm in full Robot Expo MODE and that means too little time for robot building. The web page was already there, but had text for a different article. The RCX Expo (Radio Control & Hobby Expo) is a great place to learn about the latest and greatest RC toys and accessories.See what happens when you are your own copy editor! But I was not there for the toys, I was there to support the Robotics Society of Southern California!And then, on the 11th of October is our own Riverside Robot Expo where I will be exhibiting more than 20 robots! This year we will be hosting a FIRST event and "to the death" robot battles! The first article is on a local hospital's use of the da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery system. ____________________________________________________JUNE and here in S. ), taught people how to build a line following robot, gave a lecture on robotics to my daughter's grade-school class (with help from club friends Kim and Sue-THANKS!

This year we are teamed up with the Inland Empire (light) Saber team. My EZ-Robot board finally arrived after 9 long months. I'm afraid next year we will need to have it at a convention center. We will be combining our event with the Star Wars Reads international event. The second one is on the Lost in Space Robot (B-9) toys. I was hoping to have my in Moov robot finished by now, but I just don't seem to have the time to do everything that I want to do. Last year, I did complete a steampunk R2D2 in time for the expo. ), and I went to the RCX Expo which was held in Anaheim this year.

Students will learn robotic using Nao robots, Arduino microcontrollers, EZ Robots. And then, on the 11th of October we had our own Riverside Robot Expo where I exhibited more than 20 robots!

CLICK HERE for INFO on the ROBOT COLLEGE Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa Robot People! Me, I want a Wowwee MIP 2-wheeled balancing robot for Christmas! And how about Amazon and their 15,000 (that's FIFTEEN THOUSAND! Ah, but soon after exhaustion set in and I'm thinking ONE robot (perhaps Betty9) would be more than enough.

On another note, the local robot club has begun the planning of the Riverside Robot Expo. In addition to our normal gaggles of robots, we will have battle-bot contests, flying robot battles and races, a FIRST robotics competition, and the Star Wars Reading day. The RSSC put on their unbelievable ROBOT THROWDOWN! There of course was head-to-head robot combat with the strong stifling stench of burning plastic, wood and of course li-po batteries!

I watched as robots won, lost and were TOTALLY DESTROYED!!!

____________________________________________________April is here and my Makerbot 3D SCANNER ARRIVED!!!! We also had a large number of people from the "Metal Ducks" FIRST club come and join us.