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Their 2 Rider model is a surrey-style bike but a little lower than most surreys, with two active pedaling positions and a kids seat adaptor or cargo area up front. They have off-road and street models, and four-seaters for the whole family.There are mud-guards to protect your arms from the rear wheels, and fully-enclosed chains for wet weather riding. Blackbird Designs has a system called the Quadribent that attaches two normal recumbent bikes to make a four wheel, side-by-side "Sociable Tandem" with independent gearing and pedaling. The company can provide doggy platforms and a rumble seat for kids.

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Never loose your time or your device using bad websites.The rider is in a recumbent position, with a large cargo bed behind, and the frame is articulated to keep all four wheels on the ground at all times.There is a flatbed, a cargo box and a child carrier model.It has long-travel four wheel suspension, a rear differential with two driven wheels and an upright rider position that is secure on jumps and permits using the legs to muscle the bike.Films (some on the Web site) are impressive when powered by Andy Contes, a former top-ranked pro BMX bike racer.They order batches of the two and four-seater Dutch Quattrocycles described below.

They are also bringing in the Chinese GX01 four-seater. Conference Bike made by Velo Saliko of Germany, is a round seven-seat bike, with the riders facing each other, steered by the forward-facing rider in the back of the circle.

They have one model with a single bench seat and another with two seats. The Web site mentions drum brakes but does not mention gears.

Carvx is a Dutch company with a four wheel mountain bike with four hydraulic brakes, full suspension and hub gearing.

They also do some custom work for special needs riders.

Bill Blakie - Very Eco has a quad designed by Bill Blakie of Invercargill, New Zealand.

Adbikes of the UK has a line of four wheelers with high cargo areas that can carry a billboard ad.