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Adult chat line bloopers

Things took a sinister turn one day, when during one of these shorts, a mysterious voice said to Zag, "aren't you a smelly stupid ugly alien".Soon after, the truth of Podge was revealed to the audience: alone with Zig at the conclusion of the broadcasting day, he showed that he was actually alive, moving and speaking on his own, bullying Zig and telling him he would be his friend if he stole the bike presently being offered as a competition prize.

The underground dungeon of Ballydung Manor was also shown in an episode of the chatshow when Podge and Rodge invited guest Sheana Keane to partake in a gruesome game of Operation! Another location known to be in Ballydung is "The Stickitt Inn", which features on the chat show.Podge's most daring scheme was 1992's "Christmas Crisis," in which he tried to ensure that Zig would receive no presents from Santa Claus, using his postman disguise to enter their home, break one of the presents, for which Zig would be blamed, and also make off with a bottle of "Scent of Man", a cologne which he would develop a great fondness for, which would often give away his identity.Zig was able to prove his innocence, but Podge was still intent on ruining Christmas, taking the gang's Christmas letters and not delivering them to Santa.The "Dastardly Duo" continued to make trouble for the gang over the following year, mostly on the holidays; they staged "Christmas Crisis II" in 1996 to try and ruin the gang's Christmas once again.Rodge's precise origins were never gone into (the young children who were the programme's target audience had not been around for Podge's own introduction years before, after all, so it didn't really matter), but he possessed the same "vanishing" power Podge did, as well as the same fondness for Scent of Man and taste for dog.He was introduced in 1990, as an ordinary puppet that Zag (of Zig and Zag) had found in a box amongst the rubbish behind an old joke shop.

Dubbing the puppet "Podge," Zag used him to practise ventriloquism, and would put on the "Podge and Zag" show, which a jealous Zig usually interrupted.

He often sought to eat Zuppy, who could always see through his disguises and was responsible for his being caught out several times.

His "magical" origins were never referred to again, but he retained some of his powers, able to disappear into thin air to escape when his disguises were seen through.

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Ballydung Manor may be reached by dialling Ballydung 666 from a telephone.