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Adult bird watching day camps

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The scientific classification, basic physical character, ecological value and the fun facts are covered for all the species.

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Since the animals have the ability to creep they got the name Reptiles (meaning to creep).They are the oldest animals in the world that live from the world of dinosaurs.Mammals belong to the class mammalia and are the only class that has hair and feed their young ones with the milk produced by the mammary glands...Animals worlds helps you to know the worlds amazing animals.Animals are the great resource of this world and they populate in every corner of the world.They can be seen in our houses and gardens nesting and feeding theri young ones.

They are very interesting to see and a lovable ones.

Search the site to find in-depth information for the mass number of animals present all over the world.

Animals worlds is continually intensifying, featuring new animal species from the world regularly.

Ecologists learn about the human life in the fragile web of life by studying about the animals that share our world.

By studying about the animal habitat, anatomy and relatives psychologists and anthropologists learn about human development.

Nearly 500 million years ago the first fish appeared on the earth.