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Also, you meant "Moon Knight and Frenchie" as the opening of the second paragraph, didn't you?Tales Of Suspense #51This Scarecrow is a bit underrated as a villain.

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The same guy who just 7-8 issues ago was worried about Rictor roaming the Morlock sewers by himself is now just coldly telling him to not to let the door hit him in the @$# on the way out?But maybe that's just because how I prefer the character be written is not the way Mike Baron writes him. If she was Rick Jones, this would result in a civil war which the New Warriors try but fail to stop, and a traumatized Namorita would have drunken sex with a stranger in an attempt to forget, and he would turn out to be a Vietnamese gangster resulting in Rage's grandmother getting killed.It amazes me the character was so popular and his books sold so well back then when, in retrospect, they were pretty boring and humorless. Amazing Spider-Man #348I can understand the SM editors being opposed to that idea, Steven.Moon Knight #25The new Ghost Rider was very popular when it first came out.Marvel actually did not expect the initial reaction, but moved very quickly to exploit it. Initially, Mackie did a much better job positioning the new Ghost Rider in a context that worked for it better than Marvel did the original Ghost Rider.Moon Knight #25One other thing - maybe Marc wasn't paying a lot of attention and was therefore mistaken, but he does say that Ketch is killing the fanatics.

By this point Ghost Rider was supposed to never kill, IIRC. There are certainly no obvious reasons why he would be.

The Statement of Ownership average for this year that'll be published next year was almost 240K, better than the older second-tier Spider-books Web and Spectacular, and then the average for 1992 will be over 350K, and it'll remain over 300K the next year too.

You can see Ghost Rider's brief heyday for yourself here: much these numbers were inflated by crossovers and Marvel's business practices isn't clear, but Marvel will launch a Ketch/Blaze team-up book in 1992 as well, and later give him a 2099 title.

However, Danny Ketch isn't that interesting and ultimately that and the convoluted backstory with Zarathos and the original Ghost Rider would undermine the title.

For the first year or two though, it was extremely hot. The speculator craze was just beginning at this time.

I can't remember the original Longshot mini making her identity a mystery in any way, she was simply Mojo's henchwoman. New Mutants #77-80,82-85Yeah, personally at this point, bring on Leifeld.