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While trying to figure out how to reverse the spell without the stone of dreams, Jerry mentions that if one of the kids was a full wizard, they might be able to cast a spell to reverse it.

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So without conscious, continuing, multi-disciplinary education, it looks grim for you and your kids. As information floods in, you need to connect, understand and evaluate information from disparate sources. Their scarcity suggests they're likely to be even more highly prized in the future.Theresa remembers him slightly, and realizes that they were telling the truth.Realizing they must work quickly, Alex and Justin are transported to an ancient battlefield, where the contest will be held.When she's fully transformed he gives the stone to Theresa, picks Giselle up and walks away.In trying to come up with a spell to fix everything, she turns to Justin for help. Alex pleads with him to remember who she is and to help her.Jerry explains that they will only be allowed to use spells involving the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air).

The winner will become a full wizard, and the loser gets nothing while losing their powers forever.

Because of this, Alex is forced to go on vacation with the rest of the family to Puerto Rico, the kids having their wands confiscated.

Along the way they meet a street magician and former wizard (Steve Valentine) (who lost the full-wizard contest to his older brother) named Archie who wants to turn his girlfriend, Giselle, from a parrot back into a human by finding the Stone of Dreams, which has the power to grant any wish or reverse any spell.

So a book that outlines the kind of smarts the future will require --- and reward --- automatically merits our attention.

And we read more closely when the author is Howard Gardner, who has made a career of this subject at Harvard and collected a Mac Arthur Prize Fellowship along the way.

Giselle refuses, saying that she'll stay as a human, and pins Theresa up againsta wall.