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Tapinella atrotomentosa Time of Year: July to October Like the two edible boletes, this mushroom has a velvety cap. Turning the mushroom over will reveal yellow gills. Amanitas include a wide range of mushrooms from the edible to the highly toxic, including the well-known fly agaric.

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The flesh is very bitter, so if in doubt sampling a tiny portion should identify it straight away. Head to the woods and you’ll see whole families involved in the search.Sometimes you don’t even have to go that far, as you’ll see people coming home on the trains with a basket, maybe two, laden with mushrooms. Where to start Many of the edible varieties of mushroom grow wherever there are trees as they live in a symbiotic relationship with the roots.The mushroom does have a slimy membrane which should be peeled off before cooking.A number of species in the boletus genus stain blue when cut.However, just be sure not to pick mushrooms in national nature reserves.

It’s possible to go hunting in limited areas of national parks and protected areas (the latter designated by the abbreviation CHKO), but consult the visitor rules.

When You can find mushrooms from mid May until early November.

As long as there is enough water and warmth they will grow.

If you are not experienced I’d avoid the blue-staining ones.

Based on the testimony of experienced mushroom gatherers not one of these statements is consistently true for all poisonous mushrooms.

Common Boletus edulis Time of Year: July to November The Czech name for this is smrkový hřib or ‘spruce bolete’ as they are often found in spruce forests, though they can be found living with other trees.