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Accomodating chemical sensitivities in schools

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Donna suggests working with your doctor to see what she suggests: “If there are allergy shots or other medical solutions, great. If the doctor can come up with some reasonable accommodations you can ask for that would address your allergy, the employer has to either grant the accommodation, engage in the interactive process with your doctor and you to come up with an alternative accommodation, or demonstrate an undue hardship.

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Lots of people are thrilled at the idea of a pet-friendly office, and lots of pet-friendly offices operate successfully.Whether an accommodation is reasonable and whether an accommodation would present an undue hardship are fact-intensive inquiries.We do not know enough facts to say definitely one way or another whether the employer is required to ban all dogs (besides service dogs).”“From an HR perspective, the employer should continue to interact with the employee to see if some other modification would solve this problem.That is something the employer needs to consider seriously.An accommodation is not reasonable and does not need to be offered if it would create an ‘undue hardship’ for the employer.They have a dog-friendly office, which was never advertised or communicated during the hiring process. Within ten minutes of arriving at work, my eyes are red, itchy and watering, my nose stuffs up and I get a headache from my swollen sinuses. If I skip the meds, I break out in hives, start to wheeze and I run the risk of my throat swelling closed.

I went to my doctor who referred me to a specialist.

But they really only work in the long-term if there are effective plans for accommodating people with allergies, as well as people who are afraid of dogs (or other animals) or just not comfortable around them.

In a larger workspace, that can mean having pet-free floors. (And as you can see from this story about someone with allergies who worked in Amazon’s dog-friendly offices, being on a pet-free floor didn’t quite work as smoothly as it was supposed to.) Working from home can be a solution, but as in your case, that’s not feasible with every job.

Usually that means an unreasonable expense to the employer.

But here, there would not be a direct expense of banning dogs from the office.

(The ADA also covers emotional support dogs and service dogs, so you have a real pickle if the dogs are there due to disabilities of coworkers.) If not, then a reasonable accommodation might be to ask that the dogs be kept at home or in a doggy day care.