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Access 2016 vba screenupdating

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This could be fixing the error or restarting the application. The second assignment line results in a divide by zero error.When we run this code we will get the error message shown in the screenshot below When the error appears you can choose End or Debug If you select End then the application simply stops.

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These errors are normally caused by something outside your control like a missing file, database being unavailable, data being invalid etc.This post provides a complete guide to VBA Error Handing.If you are looking for a quick summary then check out the quick guide table in the first section.Let’s have a look at each of these error types so that it is clear what a runtime error is.If you have used VBA for any length of time you will have seen a syntax error.Before we look at the VBA Handling there is one type of error we must mention.

Some runtime errors are not considered errors by VBA but only by the user. Imagine you have an application that requires you to add the values in the variables a and b This is not a VBA error. However, from your requirements point of view it is an error.

They are normally outside of your control but can be caused by errors in your code.

For example, imagine your application reads from an external workbook.

These errors look unprofessional and they make the application look unstable.

An error like this is essentially the application crashing.

I have an in-depth post about using VBA assertions – see How to Make Your Code Bullet Proof.