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Many of these will be Disaster Movies or Action Movies and will use state of the art computer effects to keep your interest.

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This is a particular instance where a story or character has somethinga statement, the depiction of somethingthat is so egregiously off-the-scale in terms of inaccuracy that anyone with a high school education (or less) and/or a cursory knowledge of the subject realizes the writers made the whole thing up.All in the small print: Mr Argarkov changed the contract terms to give himself 0% interest, unlimited credit and exemption from fines and bank fees.Britain's surging debt binge is to be probed by Bank of England bosses amid concerns it could crash the economy.Why they named a planet after this guy, I can't imagine. "Netiquette" is network etiquette, the do's and don'ts of online communication.Also see Didn't Think This Through, which is less about research failure and more about planning failure.

Contrast with the MST3K Mantra, which tells us not to worry about these little details; Accidentally Correct Writing, which is when non-experts think the creators are wrong, but experts know the creators are right by complete accident; and Like Reality Unless Noted, where what appears to be a research failure can be written off as the result of an Alternate History or Alternate Universe.

It came as the Old Lady reiterated its view that Brexit posed a bigger danger to finance in the European Union than the UK.

And its Financial Policy Committee (FPC) hinted that an emergency measure which freed up lenders' cash after the referendum could be reversed.

The Netiquette Quiz Test your network etiquette knowledge with the Netiquette Quiz, our first Java applet. You need a Java-compatible browser like Netscape Navigator 2.0 or higher to run this applet.

Sorry, but this applet doesn't run very well on the Macintosh platform.

Netiquette: The Mailing List Want to keep up on issues related to netiquette etiquette? Send email to [email protected] the words "subscribe Your First Name Your Last Name" as the subject of the message.