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So we approached a large internet dating service -Norman Swan: Before you go on, you'd asked these women so you'd got a sense that this was what might have been going on with these women?

We assume that the older woman sitting before us isn't sexual at all let alone meeting new partners on the internet'.Norman Swan: What did they know about this before you spoke to them?Deborah Bateson: It was something that they sort of knew about but hadn't really thought about.While the business currently remains open, Rebecca said she was unsure what the future held for Queensland brothels."[At] this point, I know that brothels in Queensland are forming their own little ring to get together and try to work hard on regulations that need to be changed," she said."It's a constant battle [so] if we can make people aware of it, we have a chance."She said she believed there were only 12 licensed brothels left in Queensland because they are closing "willy nilly all over the place"."I know Mackay closed in the last few years and Scarlet Harem closed here," Rebecca said.*Rebecca asked for her real name not to be published.Today: A salutory story for older internet daters and some deficiencies in the raincoat department, plus some new research into cosmetic surgery which is good news for what they call dermal fillers and, if your face still has any mobility left at all after your botox and fillers some news about oral sex. Dr Deborah Bateson is Medical Director of Family Planning NSW which carried out the study.

Deborah Bateson: The background is that we realised in our clinics that we were seeing more women in their 40s, 50s even 60s coming in asking about having an STI test, sexually transmitted infection, and we realised we were also diagnosing more STIs particularly Chlamydia in this older group of women.

"It's the girls dressing up in tradie gear that brings them in more than anything else."Rebecca would not reveal the amount the brothel paid on licensing fees, but said it was "way over the top" because they could only advertise in the local newspaper or on their website.

She said an increase in sex workers operating legally out of hotel rooms, without the overhead cost of licensing fees, was also having an impact.

One Gold Coast brothel has been trying enticements, like free sausage sizzles, to bring in customers.

Rebecca said similar initiatives were being tried on the Sunshine Coast."We have promotions like Tradie Tuesday night," she said, adding that the offer of a room discount and free sausage sizzle and soft drink was not having a substantial impact.

Norman Swan: And when you asked say a 60 year old woman who's coming in with Chlamydia or something even more serious than Chlamydia, what did they say to you, what was the story typically that you got from them before you did your survey?