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In 1817, Bolívar returned to Colombia and won a series of winning battles against Spanish forces.

With the loss of Miranda, Simon Bolívar, a man who was to become the national hero of Venezuela, took control of the independence movement.The land of Venezuela can be divided into three main regions: coastal mountains, plains, and forest.The coastal mountains are confined to a small part of the north of the country, while the plains and forest areas make up most of the landscape.In 1948, Christopher Columbus was the first European to arrive in Venezuela.At first assuming the land to be a large island, Columbus traveled east along the coast, where he encountered the wide mouth of the great Orinoco River.Pérez Jiménez was overthrown in 1958 and, through a coalition of civilians and military officers, Rómulo Betancourt was elected president.

After a series of careful constitutional, economic, and social reforms, Betancourt stepped down in 1963.

Between 19, there was a great deal of civil unrest in Venezuela, as people demanded governmental reform and a more equitable distribution of Venezuela's oil wealth.

In 1945, Rómulo Betancourt, the leader of the Acción Democrática (Democratic Action) party took over the government.

The capital of Venezuela is Caracas, and other major cities include Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, and Ciudad Guayana.

Venezuela is the sixth-largest country in South America and has a population of about 10,800,000.

These changes led to the creation of a new constitution in 1947 and to the election of well-known novelist Rómulo Gallegos as Venezuela's first democratically elected president.