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4cam free talk video

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Carries a wide range of Hikvision NVRs and cameras.Jack, Gloria, and Michael are staff listed in the support section. I'm looking at getting security cameras at my place, but am a complete newbie.

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You're best bet now is to buy from Ebay/Amazon or source them locally.I have pointed it to the server port (8688 in my setup) and it works. I'm not sure but I wouldn't be surprised, that's sorta why I suggest sticking to well known suppliers.Hikvision do make OEM for some other companies but they're usually sold by 'proper' stores.The drive that pops up is the drive I want video to save to, but it is saying that it is unformatted?There is a lot of other stuff on there so I can't format the drive.hey guys, i have a Dahua NVR2108 POE and a Dahua HDW4300c Am in right in saying that before i do anything, i need to connect a monitor directly to the NVR with vga/hdmi to setup an ip address so that i can connect to via remote access ?

i ofcourse have my monitor which is to large to the other side of the house which is why im asking this and the instructions are useless. might be worth mentioning too that i have it connected to my Router but im only seeing a Mac id. is there a default IP address im able to connect with ?

Hikvision stuff can be lacking in security, so it's best to limit the exposure when possible.

Even though you have a dynamic IP address, it should have worked for now anyways while your IP hasn't changed.

I ordered a 4 camera (2 indoors, 2 outdoor, all 3 megapixel) plus NVR recording unit last night. A few extras like network cables and a HDD (I will use a spare 2TB) and cosmetic wall plates to hide cable holes adds a few $, 5 to 10%.

Installation is not difficult for a basic DIY'er (who can use a screwdriver, drill) and knows some basic home networking (or good at finding / reading online guides).

I personally still like to stick to the well known suppliers as some places have bad batches of cameras and some people just have terrible experiences in general.