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According to IDC, retail will become the No.1 industry for AR and VR spending, which means we are going to continue seeing ground-breaking retail apps pop up with new features to help users make better informed and more fun purchases.Artificial Intelligence, especially Visual Search, is also going to grow, managing 85% of all customer relations by 2020, as predicted by Gartner.

You can play with lip colors, eyeshadows, and false lash styles, and if you like it, you can buy it straight away!Technology is quickly transforming the retail environment as we know it.Retailers are increasingly beginning to adopt new tools such as Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), to craft engaging experiences that add a whole new dimension to traditional retailer-consumer interactions.They integrated AR tech into their app in order to let users visualize items before purchasing them.The platform lets users get familiar with the products, virtually interacting with them in real environments.A report by the mobile app developer Apadmi, revealed that 26% of consumers want to see retailers deploy AI tools in retail apps, especially if it will help predict what they want.

And almost a third (29%) said thought that brands should invest more in AR and VR tech for product visualization and customization purposes.

This AR feature boosted their conversion rate by 25% in just a few months and brought up the time spent on the app by 10 minutes, compared to those users who were not using AR.

The makeup brand offers all sorts of solutions through their app: from virtual product trials to makeup tutorials, to exclusive offers and promotions.

The home improvement giant, Lowe’s, teamed up with HTC Vive to launch VR experience that allows users to build their own home improvement project virtually, such as tiling up a bathroom, for example.

The end gain of this, as this expands across different Lowe stores, is to have more knowledgeable customers and forge more emotional ties with them.

Moving away from virtual stores, VR is more scalable when used for in-store experiences.